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SPAPI_E_GENERAL_SYNTAX 0x800F0003 The syntax of the INF is invalid. CERT_E_ISSUERCHAINING 0x800B0107 A parent of a given certificate in fact did not issue that child certificate. SEC_I_CONTINUE_NEEDED_MESSAGE_OK 0x80090366 The function completed successfully, but must be called again to complete the context. OSS_NULL_TBL 0x80093014 OSS ASN.1 Error: Invalid data.

SPAPI_E_DI_NOFILECOPY 0x800F020F The operation does not require any files to be copied. E_APPLICATION_ACTIVATION_EXEC_FAILURE 0x8027025B The app didn't start. TRUST_E_SUBJECT_FORM_UNKNOWN = 0x800B0003, // The form specified for the subject is not one supported or known by the specified trust provider. SPAPI_E_SECTION_NAME_TOO_LONG 0x800F0002 An INF section was encountered whose name exceeds the maximum section name length. More Help

SPAPI_E_ERROR_NOT_INSTALLED 0x800F1000 No installed components were detected. TRUST_E_FAIL = 0x800B010B, // Generic trust failure. DIGSIG_E_ENCODE 0x800B0005 Error due to problem in ASN.1 encoding process. Images may be subject to copyright.

SCARD_E_INVALID_TARGET 0x80100005 Registry startup information is missing or invalid. For devices that use AC power, unplug the device from the electrical outlet or power strip, wait 30 seconds, and then plug it back in. COM Error Codes (Security and Setup) The following table provides a list of error codes used by COM-based APIs. SPAPI_E_MACHINE_UNAVAILABLE 0x800F0222 The machine selected for remote communication is not available at this time.

CRYPT_E_INVALID_X500_STRING = 0x80092023, // The string contains an invalid X500 name attribute key, oid, value or delimiter. OSS_COMPARATOR_DLL_NOT_LINKED 0x80093024 OSS ASN.1 Error: Program link error. SEC_E_CRYPTO_SYSTEM_INVALID 0x80090337 The crypto system or checksum function is invalid because a required function is unavailable. http://www.1fix.org/0x80097013.html If the device includes a drivers disk, ensure that you have it handy to install the device drivers; or else, Windows should automatically locate the correct drivers and install them.If you

SEC_E_UNSUPPORTED_PREAUTH 0x80090343 An unsupported preauthentication mechanism was presented to the Kerberos package. OSS_REAL_DLL_NOT_LINKED 0x8009301F OSS ASN.1 Error: Program link error. CERT_E_UNTRUSTEDTESTROOT 0x800B010D The certification path terminates with the test root which is not trusted with the current policy settings. SPAPI_E_NON_WINDOWS_DRIVER 0x800F022E The driver selected for this device does not support Windows.

SPAPI_E_NO_INF 0x800F020A The INF from which a driver list is to be built does not exist. MSSIPOTF_E_BAD_MAGICNUMBER 0x80097004 The magic number in the head table is incorrect. SPAPI_E_DI_FUNCTION_OBSOLETE 0x800F023E The requested device install operation is obsolete. ONL_E_INVALID_AUTHENTICATION_TARGET 0x8A020001 Authentication target is invalid or not configured correctly.

APPX_E_INTERLEAVING_NOT_ALLOWED 0x80080201 The file is not a valid package because its contents are interleaved. OSS_COPIER_DLL_NOT_LINKED 0x80093022 OSS ASN.1 Error: Program link error. SPAPI_E_DUPLICATE_FOUND 0x800F0202 An existing device was found that is a duplicate of the device being manually installed. CERT_E_MALFORMED 0x800B0108 A certificate is missing or has an empty value for an important field, such as a subject or issuer name.

SPAPI_E_DI_DO_DEFAULT 0x800F020E The class installer has indicated that the default action should be performed for this installation request. When a warning message arises that you are uninstalling a device from your system, click OK. SPAPI_E_NO_CLASSINSTALL_PARAMS 0x800F0215 No class installer parameters have been set for the device information set or element. SEC_E_ISSUING_CA_UNTRUSTED_KDC 0x80090359 An untrusted certificate authority was detected while processing the domain controller certificate used for authentication.

DIGSIG_E_CRYPTO 0x800B0008 Unspecified cryptographic failure. CRYPT_E_OID_FORMAT 0x80091003 The object identifier is poorly formatted. DIGSIG_E_EXTENSIBILITY 0x800B0007 Reading / writing Extensions where Attributes are appropriate, and visa versa.

CRYPT_E_ASN1_EXTENDED 0x80093201 ASN1 skipped unknown extension(s).

There is additional information in the system event log. SEC_E_DELEGATION_REQUIRED 0x80090345 The requested operation cannot be completed. TRUST_E_CERT_SIGNATURE 0x80096004 The signature of the certificate cannot be verified. NTE_FIXEDPARAMETER 0x80090025 The key parameters could not be set because the CSP uses fixed parameters.

SEC_E_CROSSREALM_DELEGATION_FAILURE 0x80090357 An attempt was made by this server to make a Kerberos constrained delegation request for a target outside of the server's realm. CRYPT_E_ATTRIBUTES_MISSING 0x8009100F The cryptographic message does not contain all of the requested attributes. MSSIPOTF_E_TABLE_TAGORDER 0x80097006 Duplicate table tags or tags out of alphabetical order. CRYPT_E_ASN1_EOD = 0x80093102, // ASN1 unexpected end of data.

OSS_CANT_OPEN_TRACE_FILE 0x8009301B OSS ASN.1 Error: Trace file error. NTE_NOT_SUPPORTED 0x80090029 The requested operation is not supported. APPX_E_MISSING_REQUIRED_FILE 0x80080203 The file is not a valid package because it is missing a manifest or block map, or missing a signature file when the code integrity file is present. SCARD_E_WRITE_TOO_MANY 0x80100028 The smartcard does not have enough memory to store the information.

SCARD_E_ICC_INSTALLATION 0x80100020 No Primary Provider can be found for the smart card. CERTSRV_E_BAD_TEMPLATE_VERSION 0x80094807 The request template version is newer than the supported template version. SCARD_E_READER_UNAVAILABLE 0x80100017 The specified reader is not currently available for use. CRYPT_E_FILERESIZED = 0x80092025, // The Put operation can not continue.The file needs to be resized.However, there is already a signature present.A complete signing operation must be done.

Retry the operation. CRYPT_E_ASN1_CONSTRAINT 0x80093105 ASN1 constraint violated. To avoid from further damage to your computer, it is important to repair the errors immediately. CRYPT_E_ASN1_PDU_TYPE = 0x80093133, // ASN1 bad PDU type.

SPAPI_E_INVALID_CLASS_INSTALLER 0x800F020D The class installer registry entry is invalid. SPAPI_E_NO_ASSOCIATED_SERVICE 0x800F0219 The installation failed because a function driver was not specified for this device instance. MSSIPOTF_E_TABLE_TAGORDER = 0x80097006, // Duplicate table tags or tags out of alphabetical order. CRYPT_E_BAD_LEN = 0x80092001, // The length specified for the output data was insufficient.

Most likely it is either a CERT_RDN_ENCODED_BLOB or CERT_RDN_OCTET_STRING. Please contact your system administrator. OSS_BAD_PTR 0x8009300B OSS ASN.1 Error: Invalid data. To obtain support for a Microsoft product, go to http://support.microsoft.com.

MSSIPOTF_E_BAD_MAGICNUMBER = 0x80097004, // The magic number in the head table is incorrect. CRYPT_E_REVOCATION_OFFLINE 0x80092013 The revocation function was unable to check revocation because the revocation server was offline. CERTSRV_E_NO_CERT_TYPE 0x80094801 The request contains no certificate template information. SEC_E_INCOMPLETE_MESSAGE 0x80090318 The supplied message is incomplete.