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Turns out after lots of time wasted trying to figure out how the machines are different from each other, one of the power supplies had a yellow light and resetting it Any time it would come out of powersave mode, like when fglrx starts, the tablet would turn off seconds later. Unfortunately the options for outputting pdf files from LaTeX with video on Linux are sort of slim. So I sat down yesterday and opened it up in order to see what’s going on, what I found was downright ridiculous.

Unfortunately the n900 only provides OpenGL ES which eliminates a lot of the fixed pipeline and changes almost entirely to a programmable one. They are organized in topical sessions on malware and intrusion detection; attacks, applied crypto; signatures and friends; eclectic assortment; theory; encryption; broadcast encryption; and security services. The 31 revised full papers included in this volume were carefully reviewed and selected from 172 submissions. Posted in Linux | 306 Comments » I love watching Linux die April 16th, 2010 I had the great fortune of getting into the whole Linux thing and playing around with http://numbermonk.com/hexadecimal/171

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Then there was another problem, the GPU. So I took the headpad off. I'll be putting up a full Android application sometime in the near future. My advisor is a session chair ICRA and he wanted an application to manage speaker time during it (they've got this 12 (talk) + 2 (questions) +1 (cleanup) minute format).

Our paper on robotics, vision and learning was accepted! In Java that takes several lines and a new class, and due to the lack of macros can't really be shortened much. Not only can I start the GPU now, I can run CPU-intensive and GPU-intensive tasks at the same time. Hexadecimal On the upside it integrates well with Qt so it's asynchronous by connecting to something like the done() signal.

So it's time to find a Scheme implementation that works on top of davlik. 0xfff To Decimal There's still a little flicker as it invokes mplayer to draw the window but I'll handle that when I have a bit more time. Neither the CPU nor the GPU had any termal compound on them. http://www.hexadecimaldictionary.com/hexadecimal/0xAB/ Posted in Uncategorized | 22 Comments » Haskell & LLVM December 7th, 2007 Note: Sometime after this work better bindings have been submitted to Hackage, so this is no longer relevant.

The 31 revised full papers included in this volume were carefully reviewed and selected from 172 submissions. Hexadecimal To Decimal More hardware, more problems… Posted in Uncategorized | No Comments » The Complete National Geographic April 18th, 2010 If you're thinking of buying a copy of the Complete National Geographic but The n900 is really lacking a lot of apps and it's time to have an environment to quickly develop them. I translated some examples from Java into Scheme and set up some scripts to help with setting up new projects, you can everything on github.

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Posted in n900, Scheme | 36 Comments » Maemo split & MCE support April 12th, 2010 The main holdout to submitting the qt egg back into chicken have been the Maemo http://0xab.com/ The new packages are available from the standard optified repository: gstreamer0.10-pocketsphinx, libpocketsphinx1, libpocketsphinx-dev, libsphinxbase1, libsphinxbase-dev, pocketsphinx-hmm-en-hub4wsj, pocketsphinx-hmm-en-tidigits, pocketsphinx-hmm-zh-tdt, pocketsphinx-lm-en-hub4, pocketsphinx-lm-zh-hans-gigatdt, pocketsphinx-lm-zh-hant-gigatdt, pocketsphinx-utils, python-pocketsphinx, python-pocketsphinx-dbg, python-sphinxbase, python-sphinxbase-dbg, sphinxbase-utils. 0xff To Decimal This also brought up an interesting problem of how device rotation is going to work when the guy needs to change its layout, I'll have to investigate further. 0x01 This bug check can indicate a bug in Win32k.sys, Atmfd.dll, Rdpdd.dll, or a video or other driver.     Show: Inherited Protected Print Export (0) Print Export (0) Share IN THIS

Hopefully I'll figure out how one documents eggs these days, split off maemo stuff into its own egg and get around to contributing these back to the main egg repository. That's a pretty big bang for your 2U. Keeping a low profile. For posters you'll have to edit the style file to change the attribution, url, and authors. Hex To Binary

An hour or so later in IDA and now there’s a Linux daemon that will execute commands on button presses. I'll try to keep http://0xab.com/n900 current with new progress. That's out of my list of 290 eggs. This means accelerometer data, calling, vibrator support, locking various aspects of the device, using the leds, and more.

Member for 6 years, 3 months 3 profile views Last seen Sep 8 '13 at 5:16 Communities (4) Area 51 51 51 Stack Overflow 1 1 1 Theoretical Computer Science 1 Hex Calculator Mandatory brainfuck compiler included, it assumes a 64bit architecture but I'll clean that up eventually. So of course once you get used to Linux the interesting question of sabotaging it in progressively more creative ways comes up.

Now that the MCE bindings exist, I should add things like vibration and manging the screen state.

No more heating issues. Sadly I still haven't figured out how you generate documentation for eggs. While nominally they’re designed to allow easy access opening it is always a struggle between applying just enough force to unclip a piece while not breaking it. Hex To Ascii We appreciate your feedback.

Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments » Hot Gateway tablets May 13th, 2008 I recently bought a Gateway/MPC tablet (E-295C, equivalent of C-140-something). Hopefully all eggs will be available soon once I finish the autobuilder script. So I wouldn't mind knowing the file formats involved, an app for the n900 or more importantly a viewer that just does its job and gets out of the way would My main complaint is that they used jpeg to compress the images and did so at really high compression leading to lots of artifacts.

No fiddling with LaTeX required. Hexadecimal Dictionary 0XAB Decimal: 171Binary: 10101011Octal: 253Hexadecimal: 0xAB« Previous (0xAA) | Next (0xAC) » Developer resources Microsoft developer Windows Windows Dev Center Windows apps Desktop Internet of Things Games Holographic Microsoft Posted in n900, Scheme | 4 Comments » n900 voice recognition April 13th, 2010 The n900 really needs some sort of voice recognition. Not fun and it sort of throws you off while giving a talk.

It was also responsible for many of the heating shutdowns the CPU would be at a cool 85 degrees Celsius and the BIOS would turn things off because the GPU had But then it got worse. If you are a customer who has received a blue screen error code while using your computer, see Troubleshoot blue screen errors. Check out tests.scm for an example.

There's also a tiny script for quickly debianizing eggs with correct dependencies, perhaps someone is interested in reviving the debianization effort. Please try the following:Use a different search stringIf search was based on document ID, check document ID or switch to keyword search Change your search criteria selectionCheck your search string for This means that the eggs depend on each other correctly but eggs can't record dependencies on external packages; so you can install an egg and not have the appropriate deb package The surface was extremely rough, I’ve never seen a heatsink of this low quality before.

This bug has been around for as long as NetworkManager has existed from what I can see, I wonder why it hasn't been fixed. This patch applies to head as of the end of 2008 and fixes the issue. Which is a bit of a shame as one of the greatest things about NGM is the high quality of the photographs and printing. The accuracy is good enough and integration with the rest of the system so that you can give commands like switch task should be doable.

Turns out Kawa works pretty well and it's blazing fast. The viewer also has way too many needless animations and there's sadly no way to disable them. I'm told that I've sinned by breaking the cardinal rule of a one-page resume but oh well, there's a lot of stuff to talk about.